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According to statistics and the evidence all around us, we are going to live longer than we plan. Unfortunately, the longer we live, the more likely it is that some long-term care support will be needed. In its current state, the long-term care system is confusing, complex, and uncoordinated. Accessing services and supports offered by the current system makes the difficult process of caring for aging loved ones more challenging than it should be.

A comprehensive approach is necessary to develop a plan for these extra years. Some people call it elder planning or long-term care planning or even estate planning. Whatever we call it, the plan must consider the legal, financial, and care-management needs of an individual through the end of his or her life. Most seniors and their caregivers do not have a clear picture of how their finances will be managed when they need to pay for long-term care. Nor do they have a clear understanding of the progression of care, or where and how it can be accessed.

Embracing Elderhood: Preparing for the Next Stage of Life will help you to navigate the eldercare maze and show you a path to keeping as much of your hard-earned wealth as possible.

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